From Learning Logic for Computer Science

"logic4free" started shortly (back in 2017) after one of us, Thomas, had found out that some publishers offer online textbooks only in bundles, which means a university needs to buy a licence for an entire collection of textbooks even if they are only interested in a single textbook. In Thomas' case it meant he would have had to pay more than 30000 Euro just to have a textbook on logic in computer science online available for his students.

So this Wiki is meant to provide material on logic in computer science for free in the following sense: We do not charge anyone for using this material and we allow anyone to use it; it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The contributors (authors) so far are Thomas Wilke and Malte Skambath.

In addition, we try to make it easy to reuse the material and to contribute to it:

  • My students can log into this Wiki and leave comments or set up own pages. They can also help us improve the sources for this Wiki which are to be found on our departments gitlab server.
  • Other instructors can use this Wiki as a reference, can obtain a copy of the content—contact us!—and potentially use them as a starting point for their own Wiki.

The reason this is a Wiki rather than ordinary lecture notes is that I wanted to keep the material as modular as it is possible. The individual articles are meant to be as independant as possible, so instructors can use the ones they are interested in and in the order they find appropriate. And, of course, they can add their own articles to this Wiki or to their own copy.

In fact, the course I teach at Kiel University is essentially composed of a series of Wiki articles, as described on the Main_Page.

This work is under construction, in particular, almost all Wiki articles are missing references.